Common Soccer Injuries
Bladed cleats. Creates the best traction at the expense of wear and tear on
the ankle ligaments. This is best worn on damp fields or very deep grassy
surfaces. Because of the cleat shape, does not allow easy pivoting on dry
Old school round cleats. This is the best choice for the fields in Hawaii.
However many manufacturers no longer offer these studs, only 2 or 3 models
are still available. Simply because the youth market prefers the blades.
This brace is for severe ankle problems.
Full lace up with strapping system
This brace is for minor ankle problems
These turf type shoes are best suited for practice and training on dry hard surfaces. Because of the low center of gravity and
the suppleness of the cleats less stress is put the joints, ankles, knees and hips. In Japan most kids learn the game with this
type of shoe, not cleats. Available in every brand and price range.
Ankle supports and braces range from $10 for a simple sock type, to control swelling and minor support to $100
which is a full lace up and velcro strapping system designed to control the range of motion.
Some ankle issues
Rolling of the ankle. While this is not uncommon from time to time. The
repeated       problem is caused one by two things.
1. Cleats are too long for field conditions. Use shorter cleats.
2. Player has too much weight on their heels. 60% of a players weight should
be          on the forward third of the planted foot. Excessive weight on the heels is
also a         recipe for developing  plantar fasciitus.
Player needs to control weight distribution.
Head Gear
Great Item to protect an existing head contusion. However, contrary to popular belief, it will not prevent concussions.
Make sure the coach spends adequate time teaching proper heading techniques. There's a big difference between lunging at the ball and
perfecting the skill. Some don't even teach it.
Basic heading technique video
As you watch this pay attention to the players arms and elbows. They are up and serve as protection
against reckless challenges.